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FoodLover app is to use Restaurant/hotels for making it easy for your business properly in the way of success. Their relationship with Foodlover app, is special and they want to share their experiences with family, friends, colleagues and neighbors about this app.

This is basically a Food Ordering Mobile Application to build the platform that helps in designing and developing mobile applications for Restaurant owners to provide a kick-start to their business.

In this competitive world, all are becoming digital is the new trend for being successful and easy life. Delicious food served on the platter of a mobile application is the way of gaining satisfied and loyal customers in your bag of success.


This allows your customers to pay and order both quickly and easily. This enables your business to be accessible at any time on any device.


Customer loyalty is the result of positive emotional experience, with physical attribute-based on satisfaction and includes the product or services.


Keep local customers in the loop with announcements of specials maal and discount which is sent straight to their phone.

Our products

  • Food Order App

  • Table Booking App

  • Room Booking App

  • Party Hall Booking App


A feature rich and fully customizable on-demand food delivery app development solution.

User Registration

Customers can register by entering simple details and begin using the food order mobile app. Quickly get started with with email and social login options.

Select Restaurant

Choose restaurants based on location, cuisine choices, timings and more from a beautiful listing. Find the right dish, cuisine or restaurant with intelligent filters and sorting options.

Order Tracking

Let customers track orders real-time and have alerts keep them informed about the order status. Customers get real-time notifications to know exactly about their order status.

List Categories

Allow customers to select from categories of rest-aurants, based on ratings and other factors.

Multiple Payment Options

Customers can make pay-ment in a mode they decide, with a variety of promo codes to choose from. Seamless and secure order payments with multiple choices to chose from.


Customers can register by entering simple details and begin using the food order mobile app. Quickly get started with with email and social login options.

Schedule Delivery

Allow customers the liberty to select delivery times based on their own con-venience.Place an order in advance and get it delivered to the doorstep at the right time.

Takeaway Option

Full freedom for the customer to order and pay online, and choose the offline takeaway option. Option to pick up a food order from a nearby restaurant when convenient.

Discounts and Offers

Numerous discounts and offers can be built in for the customers to always get the best deals. Explore new deals and use promo codes for discounts at checkout.

Manage Profile

Manage profiles, addresses, payment details, noti-fication settings for a better experience. Easily manage basic info, addresses, payment details, favorites, etc.

Reviews and Rating

Based on service, pricing, quality and other factors, customers can leave re-views and ratings. Give feedback on the food ordering and delivery experience.

Help & support

Customers know you are always available in case they need any assistance, anytime, anywhere. Customers can call customer support or refer FAQ section for help.

Login Registration

Partner restaurants can login to access and serve customers through this platform. An intuitive mobile app for restaurant owners to seamlessly manage their ordering business.

Manage Business info

Have all the data on your screen so that you can manage better and take informed decisions.Update business name, contact details, business hours, photos and more from the app.

Manage Menu

Partnering restaurants can easily edit and add items or make changes in pricing and quantities. Partners can add/ update their menu listings, prices, items, minimum order amount, etc.

Order Alerts

Restaurants get real-time notifications for new orders and accept them on the go. The moment an order is placed, the restaurant receives real-time noti-fication to get into action.

Manage Order

Have restaurants view and manage all orders: in-coming, under-process, scheduled or dispatched. View all orders in one place from ongoing, dispatched, pickups to scheduled ones.

Payment Tracking

View all successful and pending payment details to better manage accounts and settlements. Add account details, view successful and pending payment settlements in one place.

Reply to customer

Restaurants can directly respond to customers, build loyalty and grab opportunity to learn. Restaurants get a direct line of communication with their customers to build trust.

Customer Details

Make available all relevant customer information to restaurants so they know their customers better.


Let restaurants run great deals and promotions to serve more customers or announce food fests. Create and add new deals and offers to reward customers and gain new ones.

Help & support

Restaurants get informed on issues and areas they need to improve upon to stay ahead. Report any type to issue to the platform owner to keep things running smoothly.

Control Center

The platform owner gets a powerful browser-based console to manage everything. Classify and manage updated listings of cuisines to run the platform smoothly.

Restaurant Management

Add and manage all restaurants on the platform and maintain a robust supply side. Add and edit restaurant listings on your platform to keep the solution always updated.

Menu Management

Collect menu listings from partner restaurants and showcase them best for ordering.

Category Management

Classify restaurants based on cuisine, pricing, delivery and offers to optimize business.

Order Management

Keep a tab on all the orders being processed through the platform with key metrics. Get actionable analytics for every order placed and processed, and stay on top of the system.

Payments & Commissions

Set restaurant commission rates with per partner and global options and make payments. Receive and classify payments made towards orders processed by partnering restaurants.

Feedback Management

View customer feedback for restaurants, flag poor performers and maintain standards. Communicate with cust-omers and partners with text messages, emails and app notifications.

Offers Management

Create new deals, offers, and discounts and approve deals from restaurant partners.

Notifications Management

Manage email, SMS, and app notification settings for customers and partners.

Reporting & Analyticss

Get useful stats and insights to take data-driven decisions and grow the platform. Grow by making informed and data-backed decisions with the help of comp-rehensive reports.

Website Ordering

Don’t limit ordering just to apps; let customers have the choice to order from a responsive website. Give your customers a solid option to order from a fully responsive web app.

In-app chat

Allow customers to connect with customer support with in-app messaging. Connect with and engage customer better through chats via in-app messaging for live feedback.

Ordering from Social Sites

Exploit the spread of social media by accepting orders placed through popular platforms. Start taking food delivery orders from your service’s Facebook page.

Logistics Integration

Integrate with third-party logistics partners to make food delivery efficient. Use third-party logistics expertise for doorstep delivery and earn better customer loyalty.

User Feed

Add a social food to your app to increase user engagement.

Online Food Ordering

It is a process of food delivery online from the hotels or restraurant through a Foodlovers app to where the customer needs their food to their doorstep.

Online Ordering


  • Using this FoodLovers app the customers can directly contact with your hotel or restaurant without any mediators.
  • From this food lover app you can increase the customer order and you can increase your business.
  • From this food lover app you can promote your daily special dishes
  • Here we are introducing very interesting features regarding delivery radius about the food order throught online
  • Here in this food lover app the hotel owner can upload the new products in a easy way
  • In this app there is no mediator & there is no hidden charges
  • You can upgrade yours business from offline to online in order to increase the business
  • This app is very helpful for the regular customers
  • Customers can use this app much easier like social media
  • Here you can customize the food lovers app which is easy to deliver the food in the deliver location
  • Here we also customize the tax GST which is easy to pay the payment from the customers through wallet or online banking

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